Project N° 6

#E-learning and content management

An E-Learning system dedicated to the Health Care Professions having as content • The general content of the site will include information on different therapeutic areas, news (new scientific data, congresses, scientific events), information on scientific committees, information on the practice, calendar of medical activities • Programs will be created on specific areas. Access to each program would be requested and approved (or rejected) by the medical department • Content may include: Webinars, webcasts, slides, audio, video, e-learning program


  • Provide a self-service platform for online learning and physician profiling


  • 1. Online meetings- Planned meetings to replace F2F meetings to be able to talk and display content- Ask questions (“chat” like Skype)
  • 2. Webinars- Schedule Live webinars as part of the program- Ability to provide content
  • 3. Webcasts- Pre-recorded content- Recorded from webinars
  • 4. Online learning- Program style- Various multimedia content

Strategic Interest

Stand out from the competition by strengthening the strategic positioning of the scientific innovation axis

Qualitative benefits

Convenience, Simplicity of the system, Direct access to scientific equipment, Enhance the scientific skills, Improve early diagnosis, Limited costs, Transparency of processes