Project N° 1


Radio is a mobile application that is part of a digital innovation program within companies. It allows the company to be close to its audience by broadcasting content in the form of podcasts, webcasts and live streaming.

Challenges and objectives

  • Strengthen Radio’s visibility
  • Expand and increase the radio’s audience by attracting new external audiences such as existing and potential customers, students / future employees.
  • Simplify access to multimedia content
  • Prepare for the introduction of direct broadcast programming
  • Integrate radio into the digital shift as an innovative business
  • Strengthen the brand and sets it apart from the competition

Technologies Used

  • Azure hosting services (App Services, Blob Storages, Push Notifications)
  • SQL Azure
  • Azure Media Services pour hosting media content and live streams.
  • Vue.JS
  • .Net Rest API
  • Ionic for cross platform mobile apps (IOS , Android)

Strategic Interest

Stand out from the competition by consolidating the strategic positioning of the brand’s innovation axis

Qualitative benefits

Position the company at the center of the economic reality of its employees, clients and partners to reinforce its position as a trusted advisor